Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to foster independence in children that need assistance with daily activities such as playing, socialising or completing self-care tasks; such as toileting, dressing, feeding and bathing.

If a child is experiencing difficulty in one or more of these areas, an occupational therapist can assist in helping the child and family to break down the challenging components of the task and build up the child’s skills, so they can participate more fully in their everyday life.

At Fairstart our therapists will:

  • Provide an assessment to identify the needs of your child
  • Develop goals with you to ensure your child makes meaningful change
  • Use evidence-based practice in therapy
  • Use play-based intervention to make therapy fun and engaging for your child
  • Provide resources and strategies to work on your child’s therapy goals at home, day care and/or school.

Our team are experienced in providing support with:

  • Sensory processing
  • Self-care: feeding issues, toileting and bathing
  • Motor skills development: fine or gross motor and postural control
  • Attention and concentration: starting, finishing and sustaining attention to tasks
  • Executive functioning: understanding instructions and memory

If you have difficulties accessing our services in person, we also provide online video therapy (Telehealth).