Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to develop a child’s understanding and use of language. Speech therapy can help a child to express themselves clearly, understand verbal and written language, clearly pronounce words and minimise stuttering. If a child is experiencing difficulty in one or more of these areas, a speech therapist can help them to communicate so they can confidently participate in everyday life.

  • At Fairstart our therapists will
  • Provide an assessment to identify the needs of your child
  • Develop goals with you to ensure your child makes meaningful change
  • Use evidence based practice in therapy
  • Use play based intervention to make therapy fun and engaging for your child
  • Provide resources and strategies to work on your child’s therapy goals at home, day care and/or school

Our team are experienced in providing support with:

  • Early intervention
  • Language development
  • Speech development
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices and systems (AAC)
  • Stuttering intervention

If you have difficulties accessing our services in person, we also provide online video therapy (Telehealth).