Cabramatta Early Learning Centre Backyard Makeover

Published on 06 October 2021

Cabramatta Early Learning Centre Backyard Makeover

The council-run Cabramatta Early Learning Centre has unveiled its eagerly awaited backyard makeover. The new purpose built playground was designed with a focus on natural materials and environments that encourage children to explore and use their imaginations.

The brand new outdoor environment has allowed the children at Cabramatta Early Learning Centre to embark on new and exciting experiences within the great outdoors. The new space is rich with possibilities to explore and connect with multiple elements of nature, including sand, rocks, mud and plants that attract wildlife which help foster environmental awareness.

The natural wooden climbing frames, and sandstone rocks provide opportunities for children to participate in risky-play and physical exercise whilst the new bike track allows educators to plan experiences for children involving road safety awareness.

The new makeover will go a long way in opening up a world of new opportunities for children enrolled in the centre.

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